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Friends-only... More or less


From now on, some of my entries will be locked.

So... Curious about my Futurama obsession (see above)? Intrigued by my Harry Potter craze? Appalled by my poor PhotoShop skills (again, see above)? Noticed that we have some of the same interests and think we could get on well together?
Well... Let's be friends!

I'll surely add you back, as long as we share at least a couple of interests/communities.


I better go to bed, y/y?

Is it weird that I tend to associate certain songs to my favorite TV shows and books for no apparent reason, given that the songs don't appear in said media and their lyrics don't have anything in common with the respective plots? I don't know, it's some kind of subconscious thing: I'm listening to a song and suddenly my mind starts going 'OMFG, THIS THING SCREAMS [insert TV show/novel/movie here] LIKE WOAH, DON'T YOU SEE?!'. And I'll never again be able to listen to that song without thinking of it.

Here's a partial list of thing-song combinations. Saying that they are random is a fucking understatement.

* Harry Potter: The Islander by Nightwish
* How I Met Your Mother: Fireflies by Owl City
* House: Staring at the Sun by U2
* Pokèmon: The Best of You by Foo Fighters (LOLWUT)
* Bleach: All Star by Smashmouth (actually, now that I think of it, I might have seen a Bleach fanvid with this song... IDK)
* Buffy: You Give Love a Bad Name by Bon Jovi
* The Lord of the Rings: Let the Sunshine In by Fifth Dimension (... I wish I was joking)
* Futurama: Window in the Skies by U2
* The X-Files: Talk by Coldplay

... Please tell me I'm not the only one.

Writer's Block: Good morning, star shine

It's been a very long time since I did one of these.

On spaceflights, astronauts are awakened by songs of their choosing. What song would you pick?

Queen's '39 would be very fitting, there's no denying it. Bonus points for it being written by an actual astrophysicist (I love you dearly, Brian May).

Lyrics under the cut!Collapse )

Apr. 18th, 2011

Sporcle has eaten my life. This is all.

And not only the Harry Potter challenges (some of which are worth linking), but also the Geography ones - which made me realize I really suck at it, by the way.

Remember when I told you I wanted to learn German? Well, it turns out 'German' has become 'Icelandic' now. I have no idea why I'm doing this, but it feels cool to pick up a language only ~300 000 people speak. And it might be useful, if and when I'll go north. Someday. Somehow.

Inconclusive afternoons

Yesterday on TV there was a psycho who fixed broken wings of (living) butterflies with glue. He would cut the broken part, get a similar one from a dead butterfly, and then glue it to the remaining part of the original wing. All this with regular glue. It was creepy as hale, and not at all convincing: wouldn't the glue make the wing heavier than the other, thus making it impossible for the poor butterfly to fly?

Anyway, I got addicted again to wildberry-flavoured Tic Tacs, and it's really something insane: I finish a box every two days. MUST. KEEP. AWAY.

Off to get some studying done now.

Pointless whining

A week without Internet.

Is it motherfucking annoying? Yes.

Aug. 26th, 2010


Like, I was gone for a day, and when I got home it seemed that all Hell had broken loose or something.

I'm totally flipping my shit. I demand answers.

Yay, summer holidays!

In preparation for the upcoming Football World Cup I got a new icon (woah there, I hadn't uploaded one in centuries!)... Go, Italy!
But fear not, my dear football-following friends: unlike last time, this year we're just as fearful as a bunch of puppies - it seems like all the best players are injuried or had misunderstandings with the coach, so yeah. You can colour me "cautiously pessimistic".

Anyway, it's a while since I last updated, isn't it? Thank goodness school ended yesterday, so more spare time to spend on the Internet for me, yay!

I'm so behind with commenting on Harry Potter stuff that it's not even funny. Ok, I'll try to be brief. So, the leaked epilogue pics. Yes, that one, The Mighty Epilogue Of Doom, a. k. a. The Thing That Should Have Never Been Written, a. k. a. Is This For Real. To be completely honest, over these three years my feelings towards it have warmed up a bit; when I first read it (the infamous carpet book, anyone?) I was literally like "OMGWTF", then I processed my thoughts and said "Man, as much as I don't want to hate on it, I can't stop from saying IT SUCKS ASS", and now I think "Eh, it might not be on par with the rest of the series but whatever, Harry got what he always wanted and so I'm just happy for him".
Still, those epilogue pics are... Well, both epic and horrendous at the same time. Let's analize them one by one, shall we? (They can be found here, here and here, I'm too lazy to link them all.)

Harry: In all honesty, it could've been worse. Everyone is complaining he looks at least 50 years old here, and it's quite true; still, Daniel is pulling off the whole thing quite nicely all the same, in my opinion. Plus, there's something of my own father going on there, and it makes me smile.

Ginny: Still plain as hell, but believable as someone in her early forties (I perfectly know she should be 36 but hey, nitpicking on a Harry Potter movie is no use, really). And I actually like the soccer mom hair on her.

Ron: Maybe Hermione's culinary skills are so bad they have made him age more than he should have? Unlike Harry, he looks way too old. I'm quite sure we should blame the receding hairline here (why would they give him one, anyway?). Still, still, there's something I must highlight here: THE WEDDING RING. Squees are in order. XD

Hermione: I. DO. NOT. FUCKING. LIKE. THAT. GODDAMN. STRAIGHT. HAIR. What the fuck, really? Bleargh. Surely not the Adult!Hermione I had in my mind.

Draco: Lmao, the beard. Lmao, the receding hairline. Lmao, Lucius' long hair. This is all I have to say.

Astoria: They got Tom Felton's girlfriend to play her. Aw. Cute.

James: Awww, he's a cutie. But the curly hair would have made much more sense if they had followed the bloody books and made Dan Radcliffe's hair curly from the very start.

Albus Severus: I don't know why, there's something about him which feels odd, but I can't quite put my finger on it. Maybe it's his snobbish expression, I don't know: don't get me wrong, I want him to be a Slytherin as much as the next person, but he's still Harry Potter's son, for God's sake. Plus, in the book he is described as being worried; he doesn't look very preoccupied here.

Lily: Another cutie. <3

Scorpius: I love they styled his hair just like Draco from the PS and COS era. Cutie pie.

Rose: Meh. She does look like she could be Ron and Hermione's daughter, but still... meh. Though, the framegrab is blurry, so my underwhelmed reaction might be due to that.


Coming up tomorrow: thoughts on the epic Deathly Hallows trailer and the ~*R/HR PIANO SCENE*~.
The new Google layout sucks so much it's not even funny. The new logo looks like some shit done with MS Paint by a computer newbie, and that bloody userbar on the left which provides links that could already be found at the top of the page is as useless as a fridge with pedals and handlebars. If it ain't broken don't fix it, for fuck's sake!
In case anyone is interested, you can still reach the good ol' Google by cliking here. For the time being, at least.

And the same goes for the new Wikipedia layout, but at least you're given the possibility of switching back to the old one.

I am *le bored*

Yet another meme (argh, please don't stone me to death!), since I can't seem to get over this boredom that has caught me in its web. And no, I don't actually care that this week I managed to get the first (or possibly second) C- of my life and pwned the hell outta my loathed English teacher.

Anyway, I stole this meme from valli_with_an_i. :D

It's about TV shows, for a change...Collapse )